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It is seriously very unbearlby hard to write this without any swear words.

Why am I unable to play my shared iTunes library on my iPhone? Everything's updated to latetest, authorised, deauthorised, turned on/off, rebooted, even my iPhone and router, basically everything in the manual, still can't see anything "shared" on my iPhone. This is simply insulting, I guess I'm going back to fugly self installed devices running unstable versions of linux, as they're easier to set up, use, understand, and most of all - you can sometimes even trust them a little.

P.S. sorry for putting this into iTunes Windows (on windows, sharing works sometimes magically), as this is about iTunes for Mac, can't select the right category, nor community, I am too ****** off to look any further, I just wasted about 4hours on this, figuratively speaking I could have used that time to travel to an apple store, but well, I somewhat expected your products to get naked and make love to each other when I place them on my desk, definately not this.