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I have a PC Dell laptop that connects to the internet just fine using an ATT gray modem.

I then disconnect the ethernet cable from the computer connect it to the proper port on the TC. Now if I try to open internet exployer on the PC again it won't connect and I get the dreaded AT password reset tool. Go thru that and it says can't fix the problem.

I have a MacBook that is used also using wireless and it has always worked before.

I get green lights on the TC but no internet light on the modem. MacBook find the TC fine so must be missing some info for the TC to get thru the modem.

I even tried connecting the TC back to the PC ethernet port using an additional ethernet cable. Still won't connect.

ipconfig 02032013.png

This is what I get when the PC is connected to the intrnet and I get ipconfig.

Shouldn't this info be inserted in the TC using AirPort Utility? I was suspect of the missing DNS info.


Thanks for any help

Mac OS X (10.7.2), iLife09 iLife 11 for iPhoto TC-2TB
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    You need to put the TC in bridge mode. The existing modem you have is already a router.


    Plug your computer into the TC.. select Internet in v5 utility or Network in v6 and choose off, bridge mode.. here it is in v5 which you can download and install on Lion.



    You can then also setup wireless in the TC however you like.. I am not sure if the existing modem also has wireless.

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    Thanks you very much. It worked. Don't know why and it is different than the last time I set it up with At&t as they have me put their modem in bridge and the TC if PPPOE.


    But it is working just wished I understood it better


    The at&t modem is just a DSL modem no wireless and not a rounter as far as I know. No model # just a little silver box about 1 inch hight and the size of a deck of cards, little bigger.

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    It is a router. You can tell that from the IP address you posted.


    The alternative method is to use PPPoE client on the TC as you previously had it.. but at some point the modem has gone back to router mode.. all modems are routers nowadays. It is all built into the one chip. But it can be deliberately turned off if you want.


    It sounds like the supplied modem is a special job.. if it is that small and without a model number, I have no idea how you are supposed to get info on bridging. ADSL modems are cheap as chips now for a single port model.. we are using heaps of TP-Link now for bridge role.. 8817 or 8840T.. they are less than $25 for the cheapest one. They at least then have a manual and you can see how easy it is to bridge.

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    Thanks for the info.


    I guess I had the router part turned off before and forgot to do it this time.

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    Hey, i have almost the same problem, i think. I live in germany and i have a Arris Touchstone TM602S modem. The modem was connected to the TC and everything worked fine until today. My modem is connectet to the internet, but my TC can't get the connection or only for some seconds. What i did then: i put the old router (D-Link wireless) between the modem and the TC, then set the TC to bridge mode. It's working again, but how can i get my old configuration back without using the D-link router? I hope my english is okay, maybe somebody knows a solution for my problem.

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    How was the TC previously configured.. if it was running pppoe client then something changed.. If you set the TM602S as router then the TC should be bridged.


    It is worth just resetting everything and starting over.. but i am not sure of the authentication methods you use for your adsl.. you will need to tell us that.

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    Thanks for your help! I already solved it somehow: the TC is now again set as DHCP and NAT. In the internet configuration i set  connecting with: DHCP, as well as IvP6 to atomatic configuration and IvP6-Modus to nativ. After that i restarted everything.

    I'm not sure what i did with that, but it's working for now.


    The TC was set pretty similar before, exept the IvP6 stuff. I don't need any authentication for connection with my adsl. That was pre-set by a technician from my provider. So everybody could plug in a notebook directly to the modem and it works.


    I'm wondering where the trouble with the TC came from, because now it's just fine again.

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    With Mountain Lion it just needs the occasional reboot as the OS.. loses its marbles about what IP the TC has .. once a day is usually enough.. more than that talk to us.


    If you have no authentication then you use IPoA.. or EthoA.. it is not so common method. But it makes your adsl more like a cable system.

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    I'm back as the setup is a real pain. It does not stay connected etc

    What I need to know is how to change my modem by turning the router off and go to bridge mode then connect the TC as PPPOE.


    I found my modem model number which is a Netopia 2210.02 but can't find a manual. It is not a wireless one.

    I just disconnected my TC and connected the model with an ethernet cable to the PC Dell laptop. Then I took these screen shots.

    I can see where to change to Bridge mode but not where to turn off the rounter function is there is one.

    home summary.png

    broadband DSL.png



    local network.png

    Thanks for the help

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    There are many versions and it is better to do a google search specifically for your model number and bridge.


    I cannot tell you how to do it.. We don't have that model in Australia.. you would do better ringing ATT support if they supplied the modem and getting them to talk you through the bridge option.


    What I would do in your situation is go and buy another adsl modem.. we use heaps of the cheap TP-Link here.. 8817 or 8840.. cheapest are about $25. They have manual and are a snap to bridge. Any bridge modem will work just like any other bridge modem as you have a fixed speed line.

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    Thanks for the reply and I can do that. I just hate the prompts they put yuu through.


    Kinda early in the mornng there down under.


    Take care.

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    Just to follow up on this thread hoping to help someone else.


    I found the following:


    My DSL modem is a Motorola 2210

    It does not function as a rounter and you can't turn that function off if it did.

    The modem is not wireless

    Apple support told me to set it up as "Ethernet" but I found that won't work either.

    The Time Capsula has to be set to PPPOE with the modem bridged and the ethernet cable plugged into the TC

    I had to address the TC with the ID and Pass of the network one not your email.

    I also enabled NAT mapping protocol.