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I have some videos which were converted to 30fps from a lower frame count. It was obviously a simple conversion that duplicated frames as needed.


The problem is, when I use these videos for slow motion, the duplicated frames cause the slow motion to "pause". In order to fix this, I have to remove the duplicated frames (obviously I don't care about sound, and I don't care about time sync). Once the duplicated frames are removed, the slow motion is nice and smooth.


In the past, I've always done this with very short clips, so I can do it manually. I open the video in QTP, advance one frame at a time, and when I see a duplicate, I delete it. Since there's always a pattern, depending on what the lower frame rate was, this can be done reasonably quickly, for very small clips. But it's obviously a tedious process.


I was wondering a few things:


1) Can Compressor 4 fix this issue for me? I've tried a few things in Compressor, but no help yet. I'm just a relative newbie, so that's not surprising.


2) Are there any other utilities that might help? Something that removes duplicate frames, for example?


3) These clips were already converted when I received them. However, in the future, when I convert a lower fps to 30fps for the purposes of doing slow motion, how should I do this in Compressor so as to have smooth slow motion at 30fps? Again, I don't care about audio.


I've done a few days worth of searching, but I still havent found the answers. Any help will be appreciated.





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