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I have a new MacBook Pro on its way to replace my late 2008 MacBook white. I could use the Setup or Migration Assistant to basically copy the old computer to the new one, but I would like the new one to be cleaner, and to put as little junk on it as possible for as long as I can. Setup assistant would copy over all the little apps I downloaded once but never used (disfunctional programs for copying youtube videos, converting videos to iPad, several different metronome utilities, etc).


My plan is to set up a partition on the new MacBook, copy my entire old hard drive onto it (so that the library and system files are just files in a drawer, and aren't "part of the new computer"), and then I can, at my leisure, drag my old files into new spots. For all my applications, I will install the important ones from their install files or DVDs, and simply install or download others when I need them.


Is this method indeed "cleaner" than using one of the assistants?

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), to be delivered the week of 2/4/13
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