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Hello community,


I have a problem with my A1082. It started developing a not detected problem few months ago. Eventually it always worked. It doesn't work any more.
What it does:


  • It is not detected by my 13"MP. Neither with my work's 15"MP.
  • The powersupply isn't the problem (exchanged with my work's one).
  • The led goes on and remains on (my A1082 from work flashes the LED when plugged and then goes off as screen turns on, LED on seems to be for just standby situations).
  • Again, I hightlight that none of the MPs detects it.


It all looks like logic board failure. Any last minute test/suggestion before I start -somehow blindly- dismounting it and changing the logic board?


Thanks folks.


A1082, Mac OS X (10.7)