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My experiences lately with my NEW (to me) 20" iMac G4.

  1.25 GHZ PPC   1 GB RAM   160 GB HDD


Purchased on eBay in the orginal box for $349.00 delivered.


When the computer arrive it appeared to be in excellent shape.  It turned on and operated without any problems.  I really purchased as a project, and intended to restore to as NEW as possible.  The iMac arrive with the usual specification for the model (born on date 3/2004).  Specification were 1.25 GHZ PPC, 1GB RAM 512/slot.


So I purchased some parts to get started (like I said above everything worked).


1.  OWC RAM 1GB/slot for a total of 2BG's  ($55.98/Free shipping)




2.  OWC PRAM battery ($3.99/free shipping)



3.  OWC LG internal Optical Drive ($45.99/free shipping)



4.  IOGEAR Bluetooth (ver 2.1) Adapter (USB 2.0 Micro)  ($13.99/free shipping)



5.  Apple Wireless Magic Mouse (had a spare)


6.  Apple USB Keyboard (newest) (had a spare)



Before installing the parts I cleaned out the dust and grim (nasty dirty), removed the Fan and cleaned (nasty dirty), I also removed the Thermal Grease and applied new Thermal Grease (used Artic Silver 5 Thermal Compound).  I used a powerful vaccum and a air compressor (120 psi), and damp Q-Tips.


On the outter shell and back of monitor I used SoftScrub/Bleach lite scrub and then rinsed with a damp cotton rag (looks brand NEW).  Was sure to remove ALL of the SoftScrub.


On the screen I used iKlear and a iKlear cleaning cloth, screen is in MINT condition.


Honestly the computer looks and operates much better than I had anticipated.


I really didn't need to install a new Optical drive in the 20" but it was a cheap upgrade.  And so.  I have a iMac G4 17" with the same spec's as the 20" iMac so I opted to install the 20" iMac's Optical drive in the 17" iMac.  The 17" would only play CD'd and not DVD's.


After putting everything back together I installed Leopard 10.5.6, then upgraded to 10.5.8.  I installed Quicktime7.7 for Leopard and iTunes 10.6.3.  Installed iLife09 (no iMovie), iWorks09, Superduper (latest), and Disk Warrior 4.4,


I chose not to upgrade the HDD simple because it is working fine and I don't have any critical information stored on it.


My final upgrade would be to install a new FAN but I'll wait on that for a while.  Since the Fan operates fine it does have a very, very slight whine meaning the bearings are starting to wear a bit.  Probably because of the dirt and grime that was on there from before.


I would like to buy a NEW Fan to install but right now the only option is to buy a Apple Fan (part# 622-6215).  I wouldn't mind a non OEM Fan but the little fins on the side of the Fan's walls are a concern for proper air flow.

http://www.welovemacs.com/9226215.html  ($69.95 + $4.50 shipping)


Spent to date not including Mouse/Keyboard on my 20" iMac G4  $468.95  ($349 iMac, $119.95 parts)

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), 2012 MBP 15.4 2.6 i7 Quad USB3
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    Classic Mac OS

    Was there a question here, or did you mean to write a tip?

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    Kinda two fold a brody.  A tip of sorts (more of what I've done), but also hoping for some advice for a 3rd party fan replacement or new OEM replacement at a reasonable price. 


    And tips from others in there experience.


    BTW, thanks for asking.  Do you know if the OEM fan can be lubricated?

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    what do you think of your new optical drive?

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    It's working fine.  I did have minor issue in the beginning.....would not open.  Restart seemed to have fixed that.  If your thinking about a replacement I recommend OWC.  Reason being the drive itself is a SATA but included in the price is an adapter.  The front plate of the drive has to be removed (simple if you know what your doing). 


    Kinda wished I would have just replaced the drive in the 17" I have, it was a lot of trouble to open both machines at the same time.


    As far as reliability only time will tell.


    Havn't noticed the speed but seems to be faster but not by much.