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Hi, I recently updated my ipad 2 to the IOS6 and ever since it has been nearly impossible to connect, yesterday it took about 3 hours to connect and I have left it all day to connect after I put in my password and even after all day of trying to connect, it still wont let me. This is frustrating as the wifi is needed a lot on an ipad and when on settings next to wifi, it says the name of my wifi but then I go on the list of the others it has the circle which spins, to indicate that it is still trying to connect. I try to go on the Internet and it tells me that it is not connected to the Internet. I have looked over the Internet as to how to fix this problem and have found out that people have had a lot of problems with this. Please can someone reply to help me solve this as all that they have suggested to me I have tried, and it has failed. When someone does find a solution which actually works please can they post it on the website for people like me and others who have this problem can see. If I find a solution to this problem I will post it on here for people to see. Thank you.

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    hi everyone, I told you that when i found out the answer to this problem i would let you know. if you have already tried resetting your network settings and it didnt work like mine, then go onto reset and reset all settings. this will reboot your ipad and will change your homescreen and lock screen back to normal but dont worry you will not loose your media or data or apps. when i did this it worked fine for me when i reconnected the wifi but only after i had turned off my router then back on, hope this helps people and this is thanks to the tesco technical helpline. they told me that they had had some difficulties troubleshooting this but now i am pleased to say that they have helped me, thank you and i hope this helped.