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Hi there,

I am really troubling with archiving my IMAP mails. So far I was using standard rules, which have a major drawback - they only work on incoming mails. But I want to copy only mails to my local mailbox that are older than 25 days. The reason is that by copying all incoming mails, mail also copies all spam and unimportant mails into the local mailbox. However I only want to copy the mails that I was able to read and consider to be important, which I am able to do within a couple of days. However, I am not able to to that on a daily basis and that is why I chose the 25 days window, because my hoster deletes them automatically after 30 days. I read in a lot of forums that rules wont help, since they only work for incoming mails, therefore I am guessing that I would need a script because I want this to be automated and only applied to mails that passed the 25 day timeframe. Is the anybody that could help me out? Thank you so much in advance.

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    If you are a Gmail user, I wrote a post on how to Create time-based Gmail filters with Google Apps Script .

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    You can add a spam filter like SpamSieve to automatically delete your junk. Then, add your own rule to automatically copy everything and read it from a local mailbox. Either way, all of the messages are going to be downloaded locally.

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    Hi adayzdone,


    thanks for your reply but I am not a Gmail user, I am using Strato. Therefore the handy Google Scripts won't help.


    I need a script in Apple, that only copies or moves the mail from my inbox to a local mailbox once they are past the 25 days line. Within those 25 day I have deleted all unnessecary mails, marks or higlighted the important once and know only the remaining once are worth keeping. But I still want them to be available in Mail and none of those archiving solutions that create pdfs or import them into their one database will help.

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    Hi etresoft,


    thanks for your reply but this is not what I am looking for. Because I still have email that I will read a couple of days after I recieved them but decide to delete. All those deleted once are not worth backing up. That is why I am looking for a script that I can apply after a certain period of time. Unfortunately the Scripts by Andreas Amann are not working for me and that is why I turned here. I already called Apple Care once, although at taht point thinking it could be solved by rules, but they could not figure out who to help either.