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I've been using iTunes match successfully for a number of months on 7 different devices. I've deleted my original iTunes library yesterday on my iMac to free up HD space and was careful not to delete the songs from iCloud. I'm able to play any song from the other 6 devices via iCloud but when I try to play a song from my iMac i get the following message:


The song “The Razors Edge” could not be used because the original file could not be found. Would you like to locate it?


The iCloud Status shows Uploaded, other songs with the status of Matched have the same result.


Interestingly enough songs that I purchased from the iTunes store will play?


iTunes 11.01 (12)

OS X 10.8.2



Any thoughts or suggestions welcomed?

IMAC, 2.4 ghz 3GB ram
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    I trust that you have a back up on an an external drive.


    How did you delete the songs from your library? It would appear that iTunes is looking for the song on your computer. You should have a cloud with a download symbol if you wish to stream your music.



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    I do have a back up. I deleted the songs from within iTunes. I selected the entire library and deleted them  (I did not check delete from iCloud). It is werid that I can play any song on my iphone from icloud but not from the imac.

    There is no cloud beside the songs themselves but the status shows matched, uploaded or purchased. Note the purchased songs (which play perfectly) don't nescessarliy have a cloud beside them either. (some do)



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    Try creating a new library by holding down ctrl key whilst launching iTunes, select create new library from pop up box. Sign into iTunes Store and match, select add this computer. You now should have all the music and cloud download symbol will be shown. You can now stream music.



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    From your description you deleted the files from the OS X File system (i.e. the iTunes folder) and not from within the iTunes application. This is why the tracks have an exclamation point and can not be played. To be able to stream the tracks while in iTunes highlight all the tracks in the library and delete them but do not remove them from the cloud.


    In the future, all track management, including deleting, needs to take place in the iTunes application.