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I am attempting to embed an HTML 5 widget in an iBook made with iBooks Author. The widget was created with Hype. It tests fine in Safari. When I export it as an iBA widget and embed it, iBooks crashes. The crash occurs predictably upon "scene changes". The widget is 2.4 mB so I am wondering if there is a memory issue. There are no movies and very few imported graphics within the widget. Any ideas?

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    If the widget works in Safari on an iPad then it should work in iBooks.


    There are many issues with html widgets in IA and using local storage is one of them, but your 2.4MB should fit.


    If the widget is using <frames> it will crash, you should use <iframe> instead.


    You cannot embed Flash, webgl and some other codings, but html5, css3 and javascript usually work fine.


    hope this helps...