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Hi all


I have a load of movies I've shot and editted in imovie on my new ipad mini. Now, the task of getting them onto my computer! When I plug the ipad into the laptop I get the option of "set up as new ipad" or restore from back up as I haven't plugged it into this lap top before.


Things is, I am absolutely terrified it will delete my movies if I choose the "set up as new ipad" option - many days of work! But uploading to youtube is sooooo slow.


Anyone got a conclusive answer to this one? Have checked a lot of forums and am getting contradictory answers... 


Massively appreciated.

iPhone 4
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    Chosing 'set up as new' will remove all content from the iPad.


    An iPad is designed to only be synced with one computer at a time. As that is the first time that you've connected it to that laptop then see if this user-tip helps : https://discussions.apple.com/docs/DOC-3141


    You could also first try 'sharing' those projects to the Camera Roll in the Photos app and copy them off via that so that you have a copy of them : Photos app to computer e.g. on a PC you can use the windows camera wizard, and on a Mac you can use iPhoto, Image Capture and Aperture

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    You are getting that message because you haven't synced with this computer yet. Do NOT set up as new or everything on your iPad will be erased. You need to make this iTunes library your syncing library first and you have to transfer purchases to the iTunes library first as part of this process.


    Read this very informative user tip for the instructions that you need in order to accomplish this. It was written for the iPhone, but the procedure is the same for an iPad.


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    Thanks to you both,


    Demo: In the instructions, it says '5. File>Transfer Purchases(To make sure all purchased content on your phone will be in your iTunes library).'


    So will this also transfer my movies that are currently in iMovie?

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    They don't count as purchases, only downloads from Apple (the apps themselves, music, films, tv shows etc) will be copied. They should be included in the backup, but see if you can copy them to the Camera Roll album in the Photos app and from there copy them to your computer