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New to the forum, as I haven't encountered any bad experiences... but my @me (formerly @mac) accounts are gone! My calander, contacts and email are all gone. My @me mail shows no connection (strange little symbol). This all occured 3 days ago when i upgraded to ios6/icloud sign in. Help! Thanks!

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    Before the upgrade was your iPhone configured for iCloud?



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    Thank you for replying. I honestly don't know. I believe it was. that is to say that my phone (contacts, email, and cal) were all synching flawlessly. I also was using icloud.com from other computers on occassion. I have tried to add mobileme from the system preferences - mail/contacts/cal - but it no longer recognizes my email address mfaunce@me with my password as valid? Again - thank you for your help!

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    This all started with an error message from my phone stating i can't email due to an error message - go to iforgot.apple to reset, my me login and passwords were not recognized. Also, when I went to reset, and it asked if I had the most up to date versions - so i upgraded to ios6 - and then everything was gone. i set up icloud with a new apple id in the process - and now all of my contacts/cal email from me are gone.

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    You setup a new ID or a new account?, probably the latter, go to www.icloud.com and try to login with your old ID, if you can that's where your stuff will be. Do this in a browser.

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    When i go to login - at icloud.com with my old id - it says it's been disabled for security reasons - and suggests i go to iforgot.apple.com - when i go there, i am given 2 options request by email (which i have done) and not rec'd anything - haven't changed my "junk" hotmail account in years, then i try the 2nd option (answer security question) can't get past the birthday question - says it doesn't match. Thank you again for your suggestions! anything else?

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    My guess is that you created a new account (which your phone is connected to) and your stuff, of course is in your old account.


    Read this


    If this doesn't solve it there is a link at the bottom of the page where you can contact Apple Care for help in regaining access to your old account.