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I installed a SSD inplace of my Mac HD.  Moved the Mac HD to the superdrive bay.

I have the OSX operating system on the SSD and my home folder on the Mac HD.

I used system preference to point the operating system to the new home folder location.

Everything seemed to be OK untill I started looking deeper.

In Aperture I was able to open all of my libraries.  Everyting looked ok.  Testing further thought I discovered that I can't create a new library or export versions.

In mail I can't attach files.

I also can't log onto this forum.  I know the username and passowrd are correct.  Even before this I could never sign in on another device. So I doubt this is related to my self inflicted issues.


I have deleted plist, ran some mainetence items with ONYX, and repaired permissions.  No joy from any of those attempts.


I created another user and Apple ID ( that's how I got back on here) .


Using the new user every issue seems to be resolved. 


Because things are ok with the second user I am thinking a re-install ( Mtn Lion  or Aperture ) may not help.  That was going to be my next move.


I could move my home folder back to the startup volume, but the Aperture libraries would be too large to fit, even though the libraries are referenced I seem to have a lot of GB for each library, like 35 GB for 10,000 pictures. My thumbnails are set to very near max quality and the resolution is more than 1920 x 1080.  ( I am not sure right now what my 27 " Cinema Display is )


If I were to move the Aperture libraries out of the home folder first, then relocate the home folder back to the SSD, would I be able to access them if they are outside the normal structure? 

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)