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We are "technologically challenged" grandparents and need some help.  Our iPad 2 is WIFI only.  We are renting a home in the NC mountains this year that does not provide WIFI.  The landlord suggests  that since there is only broadband available that we contact our provider, AT&T, and have them initiate a "MOBILE HOTSPOT" for the duration of our stay....this is used for smart phones, lap tops and she THINKS would work for the iPad.....any information would be helpful.  My second call will be to AT&T.

iPad 2, Windows 7
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    My iphone have that option

    One can also get a dedicated box called mifi or something like that which does it

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    Ipads do not have this function.  Only mobiles connected to a 3g network have this option.  Setting up a mobile hotspot basically means you are broadcasting the 3g internet connection from your phone in so it can be accsessed by non 3g devices.  If you have an Iphone, I believe it has that function built in to the settings.  I am not sure about androids, though they probably do to. 


    Hope that helped!

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    Many thanks....that answers my question and I guess now I know what I'll be getting for my birthday :)

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    Thank you for your information.  At least I now have something to ask AT&T for specifically!