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Is the iPod classic older models compatible with Sony PHA-1? I understand only 6G and above works. How about the Touch with Lightning connectors , as I want to tun Flac on it?

iPod classic, iOS 1.x
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    Hello Wongpk, I own loads of iPods,I'm a little confused though.


    I got my PHA-1 yesterday, it does not work with my 240gb Rockboxed 7th generation classic, It does not work with my 240gb Rockboxed 5th Generation Enhanced iPod Video, I don't know how you will play flacs? maybe convert them to "Apple Lossless"


    I've now tried a further 8 (standard) x 5th generation iPod Videos and everytime I get this message....


    "The currently attached accessory is not suported by this iPod"


    The instructions say only 6th Generation & above... The reason I'm confused is that I saw a picture on the internet of a 5th Generation attached to the PHA-1.


    I would say that it doesn't support anything older than 6th Generation Classic.


    I don't have Touch with Lightning connector but I do have a 7th Generation Nano, It doesn't work.


    As for the PHA-1, with an iPod Classic the sound is incredible, mind blowing and I have

    fallen in love with the device, I just need to convert all my Flac to Apple Lossless now....

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    Just an update really on what I've already said


    The Sony PHA-1 only works on 6th Generation Classic and above iPods.


    It is an amazing bit of kit.