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After allowing my iMac updating about 80 apps, the process did stop whilst installing new ver. Xcode jan. 2013 - the iMac did reset and a gray screen appears, with white letters: 0 space on Harddrive! It wasn't any sign the harddisk had not space enough, to complete the update - until the reset occours. For us and our little company a catastrophic event.

After inserting the original Snow Lepard Install Disk, the Diskmanager shows no error. No test shows any sign of error in Software. Freeing some of the empty space shows 12,5 Gb.


Perhaps this is a new kind of error happen with this combinations of the new versions of Apps and Xcode...?

Perhaps it's a know problem. I will be truely happy when finding a solution in this community.


Kindest Regards from Scandinavia

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)