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My daughter needs a new hard drive. I need a replacement for Toshiba MK2555GSXF on a MacBook 6,1, version 10.6.8. Are these still availble or are there similiar (or better) products on the market? I was planning to buy one on Ebay. Thank you for your help.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8), 2.26 Ghz 2 GB 1067 MHz DDR3
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    Don't buy new or used hard drives from eBay. You can find proper replacement drives and larger drives at OWC along with tools and tutorials on how to install them.

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    Orger a standar (Probly Sata on you mac, 2.5") HDD and just fit that

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    I don't know if you solved this already but I just bought a used MK2555GSXF and fitted it in my 2006 MacBook Pro. Seems to be going well so far. I think u should replace your Daughter's with a used or new one of the same make and model. Save your money for something else cool like an Airport Extreme perhaps so you can both do wireless Time Machine backups. I think people beef up there computers too much when they perhaps should really be beefing up their backup system.

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    my apologies for the late reply moovin.com. i bouthgt her a 1.0 TB Toshiba for $90.00 from OWC. i'm thinking getting one for myself as well. i think it's worth it as i process and store a lot of pictures.

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    i agree. even though i just replaced mine, now that i know how to do it, i will also upgrade to 1TB! Wish i could upgrade to 1.5 as my external drive is 1.5 but apparently it won't fit. but that's another dicussion.