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As i said up there , i have lost my ipod touch 5th generation today. worst day ever. im 14 and i paid for it with my own money. $317!! i was so proud of myself. so i went to the mall and i put it in a bag and got home and went to the park behind my friend's house. now im not sure if i brought it with me to the park (dont think so) or it fell in my friend's room after i came home from the mall. but i seriously can not find it and im REALLY sad. i have been balling my eyes out throughout the whole day and me and my five friends including my parents and my friends mom have been looking for it. i heard something about telling the police or something and they would help?? i'm not sure about that. cause why would they wanna help a 14 year old girl find an ipod touch when theres other very important matters. Even though this is SUPER important to me, it may not be to them. ik this is all my fault. mother always said "dont leave it in your back pocket" and of course i do while i skateboard. wow. im stupid. i need to gaurd that thing with my life. its very expensive. please help. this ipod is like my life. it was logged onto instagram and facebook and a bunch of social sites. yes, i have a lock on it but cant they go to a store and say "i forgot my password" and they hack into it? i changed my instagram password and apple ID password so far. but i really need to find this ipod. tomorrow im going to the park to look for it in the grass. HOPEFULLY IT IS THERE. then im going to the apple store if i dont find it. i will go to extreme measures for this ipod. ITS THE FIFTH GEN. BLUE. its beautiful. i already broke my 4th gen ipod like 2 times. but thank you for reading all this.. i need help D:

iPod touch, iOS 6.1, PLEASE HELP ME. i'm desperate.