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I have found what I thought was the ideal solution to my travel needs - an app called CZL Barry, that turns my iphone camera into a bar code reader, that can transmit to any field as txt input.  Thought, problem solved, for my ipad qbooks app.

But, I have failed trying to connect my iphone (and a second borrowed iphone, to be sure) to my ipad.

I have


ipad gen 1, wifi only.  Latest updates all installed. Bluetooth turned on, "now discoverable"

iphone 4, connected to ATT.  latest updates all installed.  Bluetooth turned on, "now discoverable"

iphone 4s, no sim card, using via wifi only (works fine).  Bluetooth turned on, "now discoverable"


no matter how many times I try to refresh, or turn off bluetooth and turn it back on, or restart ipad, or iphones and start fresh, none of them see each other.  The page just sits there, with the little timer wheelie thing spinning. 

What am I doing wrong?  I am NOT trying to jaibreak the iphones (one is already jailbroken anyway), and I don't want to tether to use internet (the personal hotspot option is disabled on the ATT iphone I think anyway).  All I need is to hook it up to the ipad to be able to get the input from the camera.


Thanks for any input!

Ipad, Mac OS X (10.6.4)