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Hi Mac gurus,


Just had a bad experience upgrading RAM on a late 2012 27" iMac. I attempted to add 2 x 8 RAM to the empty RAM slots - should have been a simple procedure.


After I added the RAM modules (PC12800 DDR3 1600mhz So-DIMM 204 PIN RAM), the iMac booted with error tones. I after a few attempts at resolving the issue, I removed the new RAM and reverted to the original RAM. The iMac booted with the usual chime with the circular progress icon and then immediately shut down with a black screen.


It was suggested I reset the PRAM - I did this following instructions on the apple support site and was presented with the disc utility. I ran the verify disc and the program said to run a repair. I did this and rebooted. Now it won't boot at all, and won't even allow a PRAM reset. It just cycles through the boot chime - goes black and repeats.


So now I have a dead iMac. Anyone with any suggestions? I'd really like some advice.



iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Only one suggestion.


    Take it to an Apple Genius Bar as you have a DEAD Mac and only Apple can fix it. I'd leave out the part where you installed extra RAM in the system and just say "I started it up and it DIED".


    If you didn't buy the RAM from Crucial.com then when you get your Mac fixed or a new one order from them as they guaranty the RAM they sell will work.

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    Looks like its moy only option. Still, I thought the RAM was supposed to be user upgradable on the 27 iMac - that is one of the reasons I choose it. Just don't understand how a simple RAM upgrade could render the whole machine unusable. Have never encountered such a situation before - on either Apple or IBM PCs.

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    A RAM upgrade can not render the system unusable or DEAD. There was something else wrong with that Mac from the start and putting the RAM in it made it show faster then it would of without the extra RAM. Even if you ibnstalled the Wrong RAM the system shouldn't fail completely. Installing the wrong RAm would just stop the system from booting. Once removing the bad or wrong RAM the system would be back to normal.