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Hello there,


i hope you can help me, i have a problem with keynote 09 (v5.3) on OSX 10.7.5


i have an excel-file with many different decimal-values, f.e. 14,8 in one row.

when i copy the whole row and paste it in the diagram-data-editor of keynote,

the keynote data-editor rounds my values! in my example 14,8 -> 15.

but when i copy every cell alone, the comma is correctly pasted!


i have tried many experiments with cell-formation, also in numbers. no change.

the problem is only, when i copy more then one cell from numbers/excel!

and only in the diagram-data-editor – in a keynote table, the formation ist correct!


please don't tell me, this is a keynote bug ;(


thank you for your help!

sincerly marco (germany)

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.5)