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I recently purchased a Leica Vlux-4 digital camera and love it.  The RAW files are RWL formst, and not compatible with Aperture 3 at this point (Apple digital camera RAW support v4.03 12/13/12) . So looking around in Google, I downloaded the latest version of Adibe DNG convertor (v7.3) and conveted the RWL files to DNG format.  The conversion worked just fine, using the default settings.


Much to my surprise though, Aperture says that they are an incompatible file format upon import.  Once again, using Google I looked around and found Apple notes that you must turn  off linear conversion (demosaicing) when comverting the files.  Happy again, I made sure that option was turned off.


Long story short, I tried every combination of settings in Adove DNG Convertor to convert these Leica RWL files to DNG but none of the resultant DNG files can be imported into Aperture v3.4.3.


Has anyone had success or can offer any other ideas on how to get these Leica RWL files into Aperture ?  I am an Apple lover and really don't want to switch to Lightroom.


Thnaks in advance.

Aperture 3, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)