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Anyone know hot to open images added to Pages in preview app on Mac? When I click on any image with right mouse button I have in menu these options - "Open in Pixelmator and Capture selection from screen".


I tried to make my own Automator service "Open img in Preview" and it work well in Finder and other apps (I selected it in Automator option to work in all apps) but this service is not show in Pages > Services.


Anyone know how to fix it or how to make this service visible in Pages? I tried to found "Open in Pixelmator" workflow on my Mac to rewriting or save my "Open img in Preview" workflof into same folder but no chance. In (Library > Services etc)


Thank you for you kind, sorry for my English



MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Click on the image in Pages > Inspector > Metrics > File Info > drag image icon to desktop > double click and should open in Preview


    If not, right click on the image in Finder and choose Open with > Preview



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    When you select an image with your right button, a contextual menu will appear that has an Open With ▸ item. This apparently now defaults to Pixelmator, but futher down this secondary menu of available applications should be the opportunity to choose Preview.


    You could place your cursor over the image file and press the spacebar to launch QuickLook.


    If you do not want Pixelmator as the default application when double-clicking an image, you can reset this to Preview. Follow these steps:


    1. Right-button select any image. Choose Get Info from the contextual menu.
    2. There is an Open with: section on the Get Info panel
      1. Selection probably shows Pixelmator
      2. Change selector to pick Preview
        1. If not on this selector menu, choose Other...
          1. /Applications folder will drop down. Choose Preview.
      3. Click Change All... button
      4. Pop-up dialog will ask if you are sure. Press continue.
    3. Preview is now configured to open graphic files by default
      1. Unless they are Pixelmator specific files
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    Thank you it works fine.


    When I click right button on any images in Pages the contextual menu is appear and "Open in Pixelmator" is there and works (when click on it, image is opening in Pixelmator). Any chance to add "Open in Preview" automator workflow to services in Pages? It will be more confortable for me, because I have big images (screens) in Pages and very offen I need to show this images in full resolution (via Preview, Skitch etc. Pixlemator is big app for that).


    Thank you for help

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    In Finder is everything right. I have problem only in Pages documents. Preview is set as a default app for image opening in Finder and here everything works well.


    My automator workflow was made for image opening in Pages only and is not showing in menu (Pages > Services ). Maybe put this thread to Automator discussions?


    Thank you guys for reply and time.

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    Your automator workflow needs to be enabled in the Keyboard Panel (System Preferences) under Services.You need to select the image in Pages before that Pages > Services menu will show your workflow item. As to whether your workflow item actually works, that is an entirely different matter.

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    Thank you, I understand


    My "Open in Preview" workflow is enabled in System Preferences because when I click on image files in Finder workflow works right. When image is selected in Pages workflow is not show in Pages > Services. Only Pixelmator workflow (Programed by Pixelmator) is showing and works well. So my workflow "Open in Preview" not work with Pages / iWork apps only.


    When I created this workflow in Automator there is "Service receives" pop-up menu where I selected: receive image files in All application. Then I drag Apple's action "Open in Preview" to build workflow and save.


    There is one 1st action probably missed and I dont know how to make workflow like Pixelmator creator where Pages app know that is selected image file and show "Open in Pixelmator" service.


    I try to edit my workflow and drag for first action Apple's "Load selected Finder files" or something like that (I have Automator in my native language not in English) but workflow with this change work only on system base like before and not in Pages app again.


    Any idea how to make workflow for Pages like Pixelmator team? I tried to find their workflow on my Mac for coping and rewriting for Preview but failed...


    Thank you Guys for helping.

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    Some of this will be redundant for you. Just covering the bases again.


    I have an automator service that I purposely wrote for Pages.


    In Automator, Service receives no input in Pages. Input is entire selection and Output replaces selected text is unchecked. In your case, the Open Images in Preview action would receive selected image files in Pages.


    In System Preferences, under Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts, I added my service as an Application Shortcut. It was configured for Pages only, and I assigned an unused keyboard shortcut. I made certain that my service was checked under Services. This service looks for a specific word sequence in a Pages document and if found, replaces that sequence with the document word count.


    The description for the Open Images In Preview action specifies that it opens specified images in Preview. You would have to click to select an image in Pages before this service would cooperate.

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    I think the reason your Service works in the Finder, but not in Pages, is because the input has to be an image file. A selected image in Pages is a reference to an "image binary" within the Pages document, not a file, so the Service doesn't work in Pages.

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    They must have special coffee in Manheim because what you say makes sense.

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    Ok then can I make a workflow in Automator which works in Pages like Pixelmator workflow?


    I tried in Service receives these inputs: "data", "image files", "file or folders" and no success.


    How Pixelmator made reference to binary image which works great in Pages?


    Thank you

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    I don't know how Pixelmator created their Service, but I suspect it involves programming that is beyond my abilities.


    The following AppleScript will copy the selection in Pages and open a new preview window from the clipboard. It could be run as a Service with Automator. (It will also leave the image on the clipboard; if that is a problem, it could probably be modified, but I didn't get that sophisticated with it.)



    tell application "System Events"

              tell process "Pages"

                        set frontmost to true

      click menu item "Copy" of menu 1 of menu bar item "Edit" of menu bar 1

              end tell

              tell process "Preview"

                        set frontmost to true

                        click menu item "New from Clipboard" of menu 1 of menu bar item "File" of menu bar 1

              end tell

    end tell

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    Pixelmator does not install any Automator services. It does have five Automator actions that reside within the Package contents, but these are unavailable by default to any system preferences setting. Nor are they discussed in the Pixelmator application help.


    It is my belief that the application developer can choose to allow an application to advertise (or not) the services it can provide, and these hints are picked up by OS X as entries in the Keyboard shortcuts Services category. Thus, in the Services Picture category, there is an Open with Pixelmator checkbox, and not one for Preview, GIMP, or Graphic Converter.


    Selecting the Open with Pixelmator category in services places it in the Pages application services menu, and if you were to select an image in Pages and then right-click, the Open with Pixelmator option would appear at the bottom of the contextual menu as well. With apologies to Jeff, Pixelmator will open a selected image within Pages. Tried it.


    Admittedly, a weak explanation for your Open Images with Preview service not working is in part, how Apple didn't write Preview, as much as the fact it isn't inherently viewed by Pages as an image editor.

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    I am not sure why apologies would be necessary? I never suggested that Pixelmator couldn't open an image from Pages; I'm sure that it can and that it does it by providing a service that deals directly with the image.


    What I said was that an Automator workflow that looks for an image file can't open an image selected in Pages, because it isn't treated as a file within pages. You can bring an image into Pages directly from the clipboard without ever saving it to a file on the hard drive, and Pages (or Pixelmator) can work with it as image data. The availlable Automator actions, however, are for opening files, not data.


    I don't use Pixelmator (I tried it briefly, but didn't like the way it looked, and decided I didn't need an image editor that couldn't deal with any mode but RGB), so I can't experiment with it, but I wonder what happens if you open an image from a Pages document and edit it, then save it. Ideally, it would probably put the edited image back into the Pages document, replacing the original data, but that would be a much more sophisticated Service than anything availlable in Automator.

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    Thank you Guys for your tips and hints


    Like PeterBreis0807 wrote the inspector is non confortable way for me to open images in Preview. I hope that in new version of iWork it will be fixed.


    Thank you for yout time!