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I have a 2008 Intel Mac Pro, Duel Quadcore Machine that recently developed problems with automatically rebooting.  The machine runs just OK, but have had ongoing issues that require repairs.


My problem is that every time my machine goes to sleep, it reboots whenever I try to wake it up.  This started happening after I had to rebuild the machine from the bottom up after the machine contracted a rare mac virus.  The virus did a thorough job and corrupted everything in the machine and everything that was attached.  I have several external hard drives connected to the computer.  I could not find any support from Apple because they charge an arm and 2 legs just to even look at the machine, never mind trying to get it fixed.


I have not been able to resolve the problem of automatically rebooting and the so-called "Mac Help" does absolutely nothing and is no help at all. 


Anyway, is there anyone else with the problem of rebooting when trying to wake your computer from sleeping?  It's annoying and now my machine is complaining and demanding to be repaired again.  I don't know... I think the virus did more damage than it appears.  I run the repair program and it supposedly works, but the very next time I log on, it's corrupt again and demanding to be repaired again.


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  • Grant Bennet-Alder Level 9 (56,546 points)

    If it reboots on wake-from-sleep, it may have experienced a kernel panic. Use this article to look for a recent "suicide note" and post the text here for Readers to examine for clues:


    Mac OS X: How to log a kernel panic

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    What was this "virus" that you got? It's extremely unlikely that you were infected with any kind of malware, but a name would help immensely at figuring out whether that has any relevance.


    As to the problem, can you describe it more precisely? Is it giving you a message asking you to restart? Or does it restart all by itself? Or is it becoming completely unresponsive, requiring you to force restart?


    What troubleshooting steps have you tried already? Have you tried resetting the SMC? Have you tried starting up in safe mode and tested to determine if the problem continues then?


    Regarding Apple Support, note that you can always choose to make an appointment at a Genius Bar at your nearest Apple Store and get the problem looked at for free. There are options. If you want to talk to someone on the phone and do not have AppleCare, though, then yes, you will have to pay a per-incident fee. I certainly would not call that fee "exorbitant gobs of money."


    Finally, note that this forum has rules, and as you have already noticed and complained about, you have violated some. Profanity is not tolerated. Further, most of your post is nothing but rant, which is similarly not allowed. It would not surprise me if your post ends up being edited by the moderators or removed entirely. If that happens, I'd refer you to the Apple Support Communities Terms of Use for the reasons why.