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Hi everyone.



Am using a new iMac 27 inch.


I just noticed that the way the screen scrolls in Safari, Google Chrome, iTunes and App Store isn't

as smooth as in my iPad.



By scrolling I mean the motion of the screen scrolling vertically up and down isn't fluent. Like if you open up

Sarai and do a search and then scroll up and down to see the results, it's not silky smooth.. Same in iTunes and

in the App store..


On the iPad is silky smooth as it scrolls but with this iMac it looks a bit like it's a little stuttery, best way I can describe. 


At first I thought there was some lage process going on in the background if you know what I mean. But there isn't..

Well none that I'm aware of anyway...


Screen motion such as when I launch mission control and scroll the entire desktop left and right is perfectly smooth though. and very fast.


Is this normal for Mountain Lion on a new iMac? I've never owned a Mac before so I wouldn' t know. I'm just comparing

the scrolling smoothness to my iPad and the iPad as I said is perfectly smooth.