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Anyone know if we can..


Select placement of Pop-Over image? Easy enough to move the starting point around. I'd like to set the location of the Pop-Over. Double clickin on starrting point and resizing the Pop-Over moves the second image around, I can't fine tune the exact placement.


Remove shadows from the Pop-Over image frame? When Pop-Over frame is selected, the option for Shadow is grayed out from the WIDGET/GRAPHIC window. I'd like to remove the shadow.


Thanks iBook Authors!


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    As you may know, you can change the pop-over box size and backgorund color. As well as chanfge the text properties inside the box. The box line (stroke) can also be changed. But unlike the point of the of the bubble shape, you can't change the pointer that connects it to the it's image.


    Having been introduced in October with IBA 2.0, the pop-over widget is still in it's first version, I'm afraid. It's very limited. I also hope that we'll have the ability to customize it in future versions of IBA.