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Hi everyone. i have multiple iphone (ios 5 - 6.02) together i have delegates users to update meeting for me. What i mean delegate is actually i have set my user id and password on the phone and let the user manage it for me. I have noticed that with recuring metting, some of the entires does not reflact on the calendar correctly. For example i have the detail of the recuring (but not the series) i will show updated but when i check again next day, it will changed to the original details. Any has encounter this. By the way the mail server is Exchange 2010 sp2. Thank you.

iPhone 4, iOS 6.0.2
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    Anyone can advice on this? Thanks

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    Forever, I would do a search on Exchange calendar sync  in this forum.  There are a number of very extensive threads discussing this.  Recurring appointments are a known issue, particularly ones with changed intermediate instances. 

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    Thank for the feedback Bonesaw, it is great to know that i am not the only one suffering from recurring calendar on iphone. Thank you.

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    Apologies up front as this may take some time to explain.  I believe this is a known issue and you're not alone.  One of the best resources to glance at is the following, which shows the current issues regarding ActiveSync:




    In terms of delegation and calendaring on the device, there are also many known issues.  Between iOS 4.3 and 6 is the Exchange Calendar "hijacking" bug, and iOS 6.0.1 has the fix.  Yours seems to be slightly different in that a change to a recurring meeting, whether it's just one occurence or all occurences may or may not reflect on devices.  Best practice (or resolution) for managing calendars would be to minimize editing recurring meetings and instead delete and re-create them (on the Outlook client). 


    I've seen this resolve many issues.  Also, users should refrain from managing calendars from mobile devices as much as possible (I know this defeats the purpose of mobility), and have the device fleet be up to date to at least the calendar bug fix of iOS 6.0.1.  As you may be aware, iOS 6.1 has some issues and 6.1.1 beta is seen to resolve some. I'll try to find some more Microsoft links but hopefully this in the mean time helps!



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    Hi Vegienator565,


    Thank you for your reply, http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2563324 was linked wrongly . However i have just copied the link and paste it on the browser. There is a huge discussion on the web regarding IOS and active sync hopefully this issue will be solved or minimized in very near future. Once again thank you for your reply.