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I wanted to use iTunes Match to access my library without taking up the hard drive space on my iPad.  I purchased iTunes Match in late December.  I moved a music library from an older iMac (OSX 10.5.8) via Home Sharing to a MacBook (OSX 10.7.5) capable of using iTunes Match.  The files look and play fine on the MacBook.  However, many of the songs now on the iPad (via Match) appear to have switched their "headers" with other songs.  (This also happens when playing the songs through iTunes Match on an Apple TV).


I've been having issues with iTunes Match since I purchased it.  I thought they were isolated issues that I could work through one at a time. I tried several things to resolve the issue, and had only partial or temporary success. 


I finally decided to go through my 3,000 song library song by song to make sure the song played and matched up with it's Artist, Album, etc. info in Get Info. I spent several hours over the past week doing this cleanup.  When I finished yesterday, songs looked and played as they should on the MacBook.  Thought I finally had a clean, good file.  I updated iTunes Match on the MacBook, then turned iTunes Match on on the iPad.  At least two dozen albums now have corrupted files. That is, they play a different song than listed on the iPad.  They still look fine on the MacBook.  I am not sure if I'm closer to a solution or further away from one. 


Has anyone out there had this experience and resolved it?  Thanks.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7.5)