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My ipod screen was pretty messed up, and while trying to fix it, my boyfriend ended up breaking the screen and now the touch on the ipod doesn't work. I'm not too upset about that, as the ipod itself is pretty old and was going to be replaced anyway. However, I do want to get my music back off of it. The last backup of my music was on my computer back home that broke (My younger brother got the hard drive infected with a pretty bad virus) which means that all of my music that I got off of old CDs before donating them, and all the music saved on that computer are gone. I was in the process of writing down the music titles and artists in my ipod that weren't on my current computer so that I could reaplace them here where I am now, but I only got through a few letters before this happened and now I can't do anything with my ipod.


The ipod is pawwcode protected as well, so I can't get into it normally. Is there still a way to do it? All I ever used this ipod for was really to listen to music, so that's all I want to get back out of it, I don't care about any of the other data as much. The ipod is so old it's way out of warranty as well, so I figured there was no real point in going to the apple store? any suggestions?


Also, my ipod is formatted for windows.

iPod touch (2nd generation)
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There is no practical way to get the music off your iPod. A data recovery firm can likely do it but they are expensive.

You can redownload itunes purchases by:

Downloading past purchases from the App Store, iBookstore, and iTunes Store