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My iPod Touch 4G had the common "dead home button", so I sent it to be repaired.  When it returned, my password was not the same and I couldn't access anything.  When I called the repair shop, they said to do a restore.  But, I can't seem to restore the device without knowing the password on the device!  It does play music, but the playlist seems to be a version from over a month ago.


Any advice on how to get the device restored, or recovering without knowing.  It seems to have reverted to a previous state somehow, and (I'm guessing) the password at that time???  I change the password frequently, so my guessing only lands me in "Apple jail" and my device gets locked for up to 60 minutes!


Is this common, and what can I do to get beyond this?  I'm ok restoring it, but how can I do so without knowing what password it expects?

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