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I'm running Cubase 4 with two Prism Orpheus audio interfaces as an aggregate device on Snow Leopard. This system has worked flawlessly for the last two years but i've just run into this weird issue whereby Cubase suffers a constant CPU overload when the aggregate device is selected and i audition audio. It will audition the first file i click but hang on the second. This only relates to auditioning audio inside the Cubase environment. I can escape the CPU hang by switching the sample rate back and forth (ie 48k to 44.1k and back again), but as soon as i audition again the problem will occur.


If i select either of the two Prisms individually then the system functions as it should. Switching to aggregate causes the problem. The weird thing is that this has just started happening for no reason at all. I'm pretty au fait with audio/music technology etc (i've been working professionally as a producer since 1994) and i have tried literally *everything* (repairing permissions, dumping prefs, re-building the aggregate device, re-installing Cubase, the drivers etc etc), but to no avail. It's as if something has become corrupt and i can't figure out what it is.


I'm pretty certain that a clean install would fix this (i've tested the hardware with my Macbook Pro and it's fine), but i'm loathed to do it unless it's a last resort because it takes me a day to get everything back to where i was. I'd like to find out what has caused the problem.


Any help appreciated.

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)