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My wife and I use ichat extensively to leave each other notes. It's great that now we see the same thing on our Macs and on our iphones. And we use ichat as personal reminders as well. I know there are other apps for this but ichat is always there, on top, and visible.


And when using ichat for personal reminders, we see each other's entries, making it easy for each of us to know what the other is doing or working on.


The question is: how do I send myself an ichat? I'd like to send myself ichats from my phone, or vice versa, for the reasons aboove. Sometimes, I'll call Suzie and ask her to 'ichat something to me'. But is it possible for me to initiate this action>

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    In Mountain Lion with Messages  and an iMessage account you can send an iMessages to either your Apple ID or the iPhone Number (if that is a "Receiving Alias" on the Mac version)


    I tend to find it is easier to send to the iPhone via it;s Number from the Mac version and send to the Apple ID when going from iPhone to Mac.


    You can only do this in the iMessage account.  (it is no longer possible in the AIM Accounts since iChat 2 Jabber has never done it in iChat or Messages)

    You may get "two " versions as it syncs Send and Receive across IDs and Numbers.



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