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What i have:


AXIOM mark2 61


1. "play" button mapped to "Tape" -> "Playback" -> "Transport" -> "Play From Start"  Playback plug-in


2. also same "play" button mapped to  "Actions" -> "Play"


Today we start to play and some bug occured - 5 or 6 times music start to playing and then immediately  stopped (it occur after mapping "2" - and was never before) is a half seconds of sound and then stop. But after 7 press - is started ok, and all other tries was good...


What i do wrong ? I need "Actions" -> "Play" for syncing. Only after "Actions"->"Play" all synthesisers get proper syncing with song start.. But now we sometimes get that bug :/


What wrong ?

MainStage, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    The basic issue here is that starting the Mainstage clock resets the audio engine, often resulting in glitches etc.

    I would simply start the MS clock and leave it running, then trigger Playback from your controller as and when you need.


    If you absolutely need MS clock to be completely in sync with Playback and any sync'd synths and fx, I would probably use two buttons (one starting MS Clock, the other Playbacks) and have the PB's set to play in sync with MS Clock (Bar), then start them 1 bar after I'd started MS Clock.




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    You right - i want to hard sync all synths LFO's and internal synths sequencers with "Play" button.

    I have tried the "2 buttons way" - but anyway 2 times i have cacthed "hard stop" immidietedly after start.

    I need some time for experiments.. Thanks CCT, you show me the right direction.

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    We have now assigned "Action" -> "Stop" to "Stop" Button. And we press "Stop" Before starting.. (we don't care about that because in repetitions this is  like "control shoot" between songs.)

    Looks like.. no bug anymore.. We hope.


    Thanks for hint, CCTM !