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When I try to connect my camera directly to my iPad with Retina, I get a message along the lines that the device being connected is taking too much energy and cannot be connected.


How can I connect my camera to my iPad?


SD Card works fine, but there are times I may want to just download my images directly from the camera instead.


Is anyone else getting this type of message?

iPhone 4, iOS 6.1
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    Does your camera have a menu setting on it to enable 'picture transfer protocol' (PTP, or Pictbridge) or Mass Storage Device - if it does then try turning that on and see if it then works

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    This is normal behavior, the ipad cannot handled many devices being direclty connected. Even many usb flash drives, 2 in my case due to a light that requires too much power, result in that message.

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    Though, KingPenguin probably is correct with that.

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    Hi - I tried both - Mass Storage and Pict Bridge and it didn't make a difference.


    There is a mini HD port that I am thinking of getting a cable for to see if this makes a difference.


    Also, I only tried to hook up my Olympus Tough TG-1 camera. I might try my PEN EPL-2 later today, after I come back from some chores I have to run.


    Thanks for the response,



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    Hi Grumpy,


    I kind of figured that it might be limited to what devices it allows to connect to it.


    BTW: I am having problems with my iPad recognizing text and .doc files. It seems that the only way for me to access them is with either Dropbox or Google Drive.


    I actually like Google Drive because there are some files from a company I freelance for that sets me up as a sharing partner, and I can access these files (.XLS).


    They can also grab photos that I put there from my iPad.


    As a photographer, I am setting my iPad up to allow me to download, edit, and use either FTP or upload to a cloud so my clients can download my photos.


    It beats having to carry a laptop with me out into the field, and I can use the same WIFI personal hotspot that I used to use with my laptop.


    Thanks for your response.



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    What app is on your ipad now for opening .doc and .txt files? Pages should do that, at least .doc.


    This may be more than you need, but here's my list of office type apps and cloud based productivity services.


    Apple's iWork apps



    3rd party Microsoft equivalent apps






    http://itunes.apple.com/sg/app/quickoffice-pro-hd-edit-office/id376212724?mt=8&l s=1






    http://itunes.apple.com/sg/app/documents-to-go-premium-office/id317107309?mt=8&l s=1






    Others, including cloud based

    • Microsoft Office Web Apps:These are versatile apps since they can be used on or off the cloud. Expect a simplified experience to the full version of Microsoft Office suite.
    • OnLive: Access both a degree of Windows desktop functionality and full Windows versions of Microsoft Office Suite.
    • CloudOn: This was one of the first solutions for iOS productivity. Syncing with Dropbox, CloudOn offers a more complete Windows desktop. The tradeoff is it also offers a more pared-down version of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
    • rollApp: Offers Open Office programs for iOS, also utilizing Dropbox.
    • LogMeIn: Remotely access your home computer's desktop from your iOS device. This solution requires coordination of logins, settings, and hookups. The free version does not offer file transfer, but you can get a separate, free app for that.
    • Google Docs: Now featuring Google Drive for iOS, users no longer have to battle with pressing the Refresh periodically to initiate syncing. This makes collaboration much smoother, resulting in a stronger office productivity product.
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    Thanks for the reply.


    I checked out the iWork apps and they are great. I now have them on my iPad.


    For what ever its worth, I have tried attaching other devices directly to my iPad and I get the same results - the device will take too much energy for the tablet to run.


    I have icloud, dropbox and google drive set up as my cloud processing. I do research on writers for a company and they put the information I need in google docs from theiir PC's. I use dropbox for my photography, and icloud for those apps that only use it.


    I will see if there is an EXIF editor for photos so I can put my captions, usage licenses and copyrights inside the photo, but if not, I can put it in a plain text file.


    And if an EXIF app does not exist, as soon as I get my Apple computer, maybe I will write the app myself.


    Thanks for all your help,