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As vendors of a large scale healthcare product suite, we are working on creating an application for our users (internal and external to our organization). I understand that there are multiple options to deploy a native iOS app, however, none seem to be fitting the need.


What we need is a way to distribute application updates in the future rapidly. We are in a regulatory controlled environment, and have a need to be able to update the product should a critical issue arise.


Have any of you had this type of app deployment? What method do you use, and how well has it worked for you?

iOS 6.1
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    It sounds like you need an enterprise account for each installation. Then you can update apps as you need.

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    To recap, I (on behalf of my company) can create an app, open an account for one of my customers (a large enterprise customer) thru Apple enterprise framework. Then I can release applications to this customer as frequently as I could, without getting delayed by Apple's app review process?


    Also, that I can do this for my other 1,000 customers?


    Can you point me to official Apple Enterprise deployment framework guidelines? I would like to validate it, and then use it for moving the project forward.

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    All I can do is point you to Apple's Developer site. What you are describing sounds like an Enterprise account.