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I installed the Podcast app on the day that it came out - was hoping it could help me automate the download of new podcasts as they become available. We all know that the early version didn't work too well, so basically I still had to manuall download my podcasts. With the BIG update that Apple rolled out a while back, supposedly a lot of early problems were fixed. However, I still seem to have one lingering that I can't figure out.


Whenever I add a new podcast, and Subscribe, the new podcasts auto-download and all is well. However, my original podcast that I subscribed to in the old app (the Dave Ramsey show) still does NOT auto download. I have to go in there once a day, and when an update is available, hit download. This is critical because the Dave Ramsey show only posts a podcast a day, and then removes the old ones. In other words, if I don't get a show while it is available, it's GONE! And yet, nothing I have tried has made it work.


Any recommendations on how to fix the app so it starts auto downloading DR shows? Does it work for ANYONE at all?

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.0.1