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G'day there,

I'm trying to uninstall Mackeeper 2012, but need to make it clear I'm a real Mac amateur and not at all good on following the technical stuff.

I've been to this link      http://help.mackeeper.zeobit.com/Manual/GettingStarted/UninstallingMacKeeper.htm l     which is very clear, but after I drag the Mackeeper icon from Applications to the trash box, there is no window coming up asking me for my Mac user password and hence I can't get to the uninstall window. If I try to empty the trash box, a window pops up which tells me the trash box can't be emptied because Mackeeper is stioll in use. It seems to be running somewhere in the backgroiund where I can't see it.

Any help with simple steps (please) would be much appreciated.

Cheers,  Poitr

Solved by mende1 on Feb 4, 2013 1:11 PM Solved

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Restart your computer and try to empty the Trash again, so it should be deleted. Also, if you see an option called "Reopen windows when logging back in" on  > Restart, untick it, so MacKeeper won't open after restarting the Mac.


MacKeeper is considered as malware so you mustn't install that application