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I am running Windows 8 on a 64bit system with the latest itunes 64bit.  I have a ipod classic 160gb.


When ever I try to sync my ipod the sync wont go past 2 songs.. Sometimes it will sync 5 or 10 even up to 15 songs and then it just hangs there trying to sync past the last number its stuck on.


I have tried doing a ipod restore which initally worked at syning 3/4 of my library and this is where the issue is with the last 1/4- converting files to aac - enabling disk mode - disabling disk mode - manual library management - uninstalling and reinstalling itunes - reimporting my entire library - changing the location of my library and reimporting - then putting everything back into default - i have run disk check utility (had no errors).


I am not sure what is happening or why .. but i need help! This is also a ipod that was replaced by apple in the apple store factory refurbished...



iPod classic, Other OS, Windows 8
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    I was having the same problem. 

    I have an i pod classic 80GB (with the wheel) I think it's 5th generation


    I would start a Sync, it would sync 2 or 3 songs then stop or hang up, which did not interfere with any other function, so I would not say it froze.


    Once I ended the sync by clicking on the X next to the sync progress bar at the top of the window, I ejected the ipod and then plugged it in again.  Then  I selected my i pod under Devices in the menu on the left-hand side of iTunes.  Clicked on the summary tag.  Clicked on  "Manually manage music and videos" Clicked ok and apply.

    When in manual mode, you cn drag songs from  iTunes to the device icon in the sidebar. Once I downloaded the song or songs or album that was causing the problem, I then unselected manual load, and everything else was able to sync normally on automatic mode.

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    I have the same problem after the initial sync (which is usually about 4,000 songs). I'm running Windows 7 , but everything else is the same. I know I can manually add all the songs, but I didn't pay all this money for an iPod to have it 'kinda" work. I have been experiencing this problem since I upgraded to the New iTunes. I have an extensive library and its a waste of money to have my iPod at 10% capacity.

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    So this morning I go the whole thing fixed.. Audio Conversion.. I have been doing the downsample option to jam more music into my ipod.. For some reason the recent mp3s I had were not syncing so i downloaded MediaHuman audio converter (google it) and did the aac version at the 128kb sample that itunes should have been doing in the first place and let it convert and now it syncs just fine.. just everytime i add music outside of itunes i have to convert it with MeidaHuman.. not so bad.. and I can sync in full..


    Thanks for all the other suggestions! I hope my fix helps you all out too.

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    Another potential workaround (but still a pain) is to uncheck all songs and then check about 300 at a time.  iTunes/iPod Classic seems to accept "batch" deliveries of this kind but won't sync the whole list at once.  Worth a try if you are patient.

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    Actually I have found you can sync up to at least 4,000 songs at a time by this method.