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    TBH PainN it sounds like general software failure. You could probably preform a restore with the same software and it would resolve the issue. Then again why stay on older iOS's that are obsolete anyways.

  • kytoh Level 1 (0 points)

    @PainNTheMac, on top of losing contacts, I am having the same issue as you too, no one can hear anything even if the call was connected. Also, I cannot send/receive messages when this happens.

    This issue started around the same time with the contact lost issue.

    But I found a workaround for the network issue after searching on the net, it works for me.

    Basically you just need to go to Settings --> General --> Network --> Flip the Cellular Data between On/Off.

    It recovers the mobile network successfully everytime I do this. Still, you wouldn't know when the network is broken again until you try to call or text.


    As for contact lost issue, I am using iTunes Windows Contacts Sync backup. Everytime when the contacts are lost, I will just re-sync the contacts using the option "Replace info on this phone", it's the fastest workaround for me without losing any other things like messages/photo/etc. Just don't turn on auto-sync when plug-in your iPhone.


    Anyhow, these are all workarounds, not solution, and are totally unacceptable.

    I have already given up on waiting for official response on these issues, just waiting to change to another phone soon.

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    Not too savvy tek wise, so how do I add the contacts I have on my iphone 4s to the gmail account I also have?

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    richied2003 may be on to something there about iOS 5.1.1 not playing nice with the NSA data mining.  Good reason to stay off the cloud and not upgrade to iOS 6.

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    Add me to the list.....Lost all contacts...wasn't updating to iOS6, syncing or whatever else excuse.....2 hrs at the Apple store got me no where.

  • Hallperez Level 1 (0 points)



    For restore deleted contacts in iphone4:


    Open the home screen on iphone4.


    Then you can click the icloud option.


    Login into your icloud account.


    Choose the storage and backup option.


    Then click the ok option.


    Thank you!

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    My wife has been fighting this for months. Just as she would rebuild her contacts list back to being nearly full, Springboard would crash and all her contacts would be deleted again.


    Just now I think I figured out why. We had always used the same Apple/iTunes/iCloud ID. At some point recently, she tried to change it on her phone to something else. That seemed to really **** off iCloud. This was evident when I opened her Settings=>iCloud and saw something to the effect of "Your account isn't verified. Go to [the new email address she tried to use] and verify the account." with the little spinney wheel thing. I would go to the email address, find the email, go though the verification steps only to be told that the account had already been verified. Then I'd go back to Settings=>iCloud and see the same thing "Your account...not been verified...etc".


    I noticed that below the "verify your email" message was a spot that still listed the original email as the iCloud account, but that it was greyed out. So, I went back to and logged into the original account. I noticed that the primary email was listed as the email my wife had tried to change it to, and there was a warning that the AppleID and the primary email should match. I changed the primary email back to the original email (the same thing as my Apple ID) and saved the changes. Then I logged into that email account because I was sure there'd be some sort of verification email form Apple. Sure enough, there was. I followed the steps to verify, but still got the "This account has already been verified" message. Better safe than sorry.


    Now, back to her phone. Settings=>iCloud. After a few seconds of "Verifying", it opened up with the original Apple ID listed. I went down to Contacts and toggled it "off". It asked me if I wanted to delete all contacts. I said "no". I went to her "Contacts" on the phone and it was still blank, but then I hit the "+" in the upper right hand corner. I didn't add a contact, but just hit "cancel" Viola! All her contacts were back.



    iPhone4, iOS 5.1.1



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    Update your iOS, from all the people i have seen having this issue they are running old iOS. The majority of users having this issue are not even running on iOS 6.


    Back up the iPhone when the contacts are on the iPhone then update the iOS.


    Try it out i bet you will most likely not have the issue again.

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    There are a few reasons why one might not want to upgrade to 6.1.3. I assure you, one of those reasons apply here. :)

  • Ramjet7 Level 1 (95 points)

    That may be the case but going to iOS6 has a host of other unwanted issues. Better the devil you know in this case.

  • ios decipher Level 4 (2,950 points)

    The fact of the matter is if you keep running on the old iOS you are running now you are more than likely going to encounter the same issue again. Just because other users have issues on certain software doesnt mean you are going to encounter them yourself.

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    Hi Zoomer271,


    not sure if you’re still around and this has been one of the most extended threads on, anyway, I hope you did got your stuff back in the end.


    To those who haven’t, (I don’t know if this particular method has been mentioned before here), but this is what you may find useful: Get back lost iPhone contacts. Don’t ask me if it will work for you, because I wouldn’t know. It worked smoothly for me. I’m sure they have a compatibility list somewhere on their website. They should have.


    I can see that this is a relatively common problem, so may you all find your solutions ASAP lol

  • Rock Beaver Level 1 (0 points)

    A can of worms has certainly been opened with this thread, quite ironic really, Apple & Worms....


    Anyway, thanks for the feedback which reassures me that i'm not a complete luddite going by the amount of similar issues.

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    Well, here is what I wrote on:

    ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________

    Jul 14, 2013 12:33 PM (in response to Zoomer271)

    Well. I haven't had any issues with losing contacts lately, but I have another issue now. Not sure if it stems from this one. Now when I try to make a phone call, the phone automatically shows that it is in speaker phone mode. It says ( calling... ) and just stays like that for 30 seconds or so. Then it starts the counter for the supposedly connected call. I can't hear anything, nor can the person on the other line. The volume does not work either. It seems like another bug. Then after resetting the phone, resetting the network, pulling the SIM, it started to finally work. After repeating those steps multiple times, which may or may not have helped at all. Then my call finally connects. I'm talking for about 1 minute and then the phone goes black screen and no sound... I have to reset it again. This has happened 3 times in the past week and a half. I'm really sick of these bugs. It's pretty much apple's way of making you upgrade to iOS6 I suppose. I give up, I'm upgrading right now. This is unacceptable.

    ________________________________ ________________________________________________________________


    I broke down and decided to install the latest iOS on my iphone4. My phone still has the issue of locking up while trying to call someone. Then I can't hear them and they can't hear me. The phone goes directly to speakerphone when making a call, but there's no sound. I try turning up the volume, muting then un-muting, calling again, reseting the netwrok settings, re-seating the sim card, hard rebooting, cleaned out the headphone jack, cleaned out the bottom female connector. Nothing works.. My phone has done this 6 times now. Great, the new problem...

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    As your IP4 deleted the contacts, fragmented files generated and they were stored in your dababase file (iPhone backup). You can try professional recover tool which can directly recover deleted contacts from iphone, such as Dr Fone, Tenorshare iPhone Recovery, Fone Rescue etc.

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