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    I can't believe that people are still having this problem. Just buy my 32gb iPhone 5s for $550.00. T-mobile and At&t compatible. Unlocked, flawless, brand new.. I switched to Verizon, so I need to sell this one.. Iphone photo 2.JPG

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    Yeah replace crappy apple product with newer crappy apple product, great sollution.

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    No problems with my 5s. Just crappy service providers. All of them are terrible in their own way.

  • Opheliary Level 1 (5 points)

    I encountered a similiar problem this month, my genius brother took my iPhone 4(I don’t know when) he deleted all my contacts & text messages. Finally I found that I still can recover lost contacts from iPhone 4 though I have no backup. I use a tool on Cnet which saved my iPhone and retrieved all my data. So I hope it can help you.


    Actually the deleted files are still in the database of your iPhone, so you can use professional iPhone data recovery tool to bring them back.

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    This has happened to me twice; once after an email crash and once after a msg crash. I've managed to recover my address book both times. I used the method others have posted by going into settings, messages, then import from SIM card. This didn't work initially without an added step. I had also noticed in my group iMessage chats that the the pictures of users were gone and replaced with only their initials (after I manually re-entered their contact info). Since I know the pics were FB pics, I also went into settings, Facebook, update contacts. Then I did the SIM card import. I had saved my contacts to iCloud at some point but I wasn't connected to wifi when I imported (I selected both fom iPhone and from iCloud), so I'm not sure if this was relevant. Then I turned my phone off and on. When I re-opened my address book, they were back.

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    Connect yr phone to the Itunes on a PC or Laptop , chek with mail, there you will find the same ..
    after connecting it with gmail and bakingup, make sure it worked ,
    Openup gmail clik on contacts just below the mail , you will find all your contacts over there if the sync is performed properly .

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    The same thing happened to Me. I have a 4s. Luckily all my contacts are stored on iCloud, I just dont know how to get them from iCloud to my iPhone

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    Do a hard shut down of your phone. Hold the home button and the power button down at the same time. A spinning wheel will start, and spin for about 30 seconds to a minute. Your phone will shut off. Turn back on and you will have your contacts back. I lost my contacts, my camera, my calendar, my to do list. This solved all the problems I was having. Good luck.

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    Read my reply above

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    Thank you and easy and perfect fix for the problem

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    Holy crap this works!!


    "Hold the home button and the power button down at the same time. A spinning wheel will start, and spin for about 30 seconds to a minute. Your phone will shut off. Turn back on and you will have your contacts back"



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    Here's how I fixed mine.  For some reason, my iCloud contacts turned off.  I turned on iCloud contacts in settings on the phone.  I then logged into the iCloud website and went to my contacts.  There is a "show actions" option in the lower lefthand corner.  I clicked that and chose "Refresh Contacts."  Bam, all of them, with the Facebook pictures, were back on my phone.


    Hope that helps someone else.

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    Thanks to all the lovely peeps out there in this community for all your suggestions in helping me retrieve my contacts. However no success contacts gone into cyber space forever cause the **** stupid dump **** iPhone decided to sync to my computer of something without Me telling it to do if and boom lost all my contacts. I tried all the suggestions everyone had posted to my reply however none of them worked.

    So sincerely thank you.


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    First, check whether you have iTunes backup of your iPhone or not by clicking “Edit” > “Preference” > “Devices” in iTunes. If the answer is yes, restore your iPhone with the iTunes backup. If you just want to get the contacts backup instead of erasing your all the content and settings on your iPhone or restoring with an out-of-date backup, use an iPhone backup extractor to extract the contacts from the iPhone backup.


    Other than restoring from iTunes and extracting contacts from iTunes backup, there are still at least 4 other solutions for you to retrieve iPhone contacts :

    1. Recovering contacts with an iPhone data recovery software;
    2. Copying old phone’s SIM card;
    3. Syncing with other cloud accounts, such as Google Contacts;
    4. Restoring from iCloud backup.
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    I had this today. I fixed it by double clicking the home button and swiping up on the phone app. All contacts restored. I have an iPhone 4S. Hope it works for the rest of you.