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    This just happened to me too. I wasn't doing anything with my phone and I got a text from my boss and I realized all my contacts were gone. They were just there an hour ago. But I did what Helein said, double clicked the home button and then pulled up my phone app and all of my contacts came back. Thank goodness!!

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    It seems there is a glitch on iOS that can be traced back in time. I tracked this down today as my girlfriend iPhone just did the same today under no possible reason (iPhone 4S with the latest IOS).


    What it worked for us was to disable the contact sync from iCloud (phone is only been backed un the cloud, we did not delete the contacts), shut down the phone, then turned it on and enabled again contact sync accepting the fusion of all contacts. It worked and everything came to normality. Worth to say I did not read all the 28 pages so do not know if somebody else did and posted this already.


    Hope it works and hope Apple guys fix this bug. we believe in this company but there are signs that things are not going well. We would like to see that solid glitch-proof behaviour we are use to see and feel on apple products.



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    problem:-how to recover the recently deleted contacts in iphone 4
    i solve your problem,just follow these steps


    :-first of all go to the main menu of your device
    :-then open the icould there
    :-and then log in with confirm apple user-id and password
    :-after that tap on option and then create backup
    :-now tap on backup option and tap on cs
    :-after that your cantacts will automatically backup


    i hope its works
    thank you

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    man you are a master

    thank u so much

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    This worked for me. I followed the instructions to the letter and it worked like a charm, but when I turned the phone back on and went to the cloud settings, the contacts tab was set to ON, I turned it off again, it did the whole proccessing thing and then told me that contacts were now off, but it flipped right back to ON again, but my cantacts were already back. It could just have been a minor glitch, might not happen to everyone, just keep doing these stepps. Turn contacts sync off in cloud settings, restart phone, turn contact sync back on.


    I had signed in to the cloud on my mac and saw that my contacts were in fact there, so maybe you should check before to make sure.


    Same as some other poster, just got a text this morning and noticed that the contact info was gone.

    Only thing I can think off out of the ordinary with my phone prior to this happening is that something was asking me for my apple ID password a couple of days ago, seemingly out of nowhere, i would pull the phone out my pocket for a quick phone call and i would see this on my screen. I ignored it 1st, and the 2nd time i saw it i put in my password and couldnt see that it changed anything. Dont know...

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    I don't think there's much you can do.....if you're really desperate, u could try this trial download, depending on your operating software.

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    Perfect. Thanks

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    holly crap Helein is a genius it worked for me ur a GENIUS

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    ur a genius

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    Okay it happened to me. Yesterday. I did everything suggested on many boards. This is what worked for me: it was updating my **** apps. I didnt know it then but i went to update three apps. Unnoticed they did not update. Fir 12 hours i tried everything even made an appt at att. I remembered reading something about apps. So i looked at my apps and realized they never updated. I updated them one by one. After they updated my Contacts all returned!! Hope this helps someone out there.

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    I tried what Helein said to do and it did NOT work for my 4S running the latest IOS. However, the solution from CRPP worked perfectly.


    Thank you.

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    can i resor my phone line more than once ?

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    CRPP, your solution worked.

    My gratitude.


    CRPP gets my vote for mayor of Vancouver!

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    CRPP your solutions worked! thank you!!

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    Helien, you desrve a medal. Thank you, I am a computer dinosaur but it worked first time!