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My question is: is there a physical switch for turning offf the internet {via erhernet} without unplugiging the ethernet cable?  The reason I ask is if the cable is plugged in and I open iPhoto I get a spinning wheel for 30-40 seconds, sometimes longer, before I can use the applicaztion. I'm not usually in a hurry when I get on the computer to work but this is a bug I cannot figure our, an niether could several helpers on theis forum.  I have been unpluygging the internet for a couple weeks now when I want to work on iPhoro and it is getting rather tiresome.  Suggestions would be appreciated. The application did the same thing when I was still on Lion.  I have conntacted my internet provider but they have no clue either.  This whole thing started when I was was forcee to switch providers because of a contract disputre between the provider and it's go-between {the service was wimax.  The service now is through Centuryt Link (Qwest). If someone needs more info I'll be glad to provide what I can.  Everything else on the computer runs like normal with the internet plugged in and has given me no trouble since the provider switch/




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