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In using Safari, I discovered today that none of the video (YouTube, embedded video from all blog sites) will not play or be recognized.  I read Support and it suggested checking my Java Preferences.   In opening my Application folder, then Utilities and finding Java Preferences, I click on the the preference folder and get this message "Java Preferences quit unexpectedly"  repeating this procedure produces the same "Unexpectedly" response. 

I have tried to download Java Updates, but it will not install into the Utilities folder but simply remains in the download folder. 

I don't know that my problem of not being able to view any videos is the result of not having Java, but I feel something is more seriously wrong with my IMac than previously suspected.    There are NO Java Extensions in the Library folder.    How do I re-install Java and all the extensions? 

Could this problem be a "virus" deleting my Java Extensions?   The videos play fine in FoxFire.  Only Safari has the problem.    

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.4), DVD Player version 5500.26.11