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Hello everyone.


So, basically, I have an iPhone 5 and a macbook Pro. The other day, I thought I lost my iPhone 5, so I erased it through icloud on my MBP. After a couple hours I found it (thanks god!). I set it up again with my last backup, everything perfect. Although, I have a remaining issue that I just can't s


Since I erased it, I don't get my iMessage texts both on my MBP and on the iPhone, only on the iPhone. I sincerely don't know why this is happening: I have 3 "contacts" on my Apple ID, which are my icloud mail, my Gmail, and my phone number. And my phone number appears in a different colour on the list of the iPhone settings.


Could really use some help... Thanks in advance!


P. Saporiti

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    Please help me...

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    Since iOS 6 the iPhone's own Number has been greyed out as an Send and Receive "Name/ID".

    It should still be ticked though.


    Once the Apple ID has been Added then Messages on the Mac should be restarted.

    When it restarts it should get an alert type message from the iMessages Server that the iPhone is using it's Number and the Apple ID (And any other IDs you added)  and Accepting them will add them as active Send and Receive Aliases in the Mac's version.


    This creates the "Start Point" and Number and iD sync so that the iMessages server will start syncing the iMessages for that point on.

    Older Messages already on the iPhone will not be synced.


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