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Each week, a Radio Program is uploaded from my website to iTunes for access to our community. The December 17, 2012 episode and January 7, 2013 episodes, although they've been uploaded, will not appear on the Inventory on iTunes. When I look to the left of the running list of Inventory, which appears in alphabetical order, the word Podcast appears to the left with a number 1 next to it - as if there's a message waiting. When I click

there and open, the December 17 episode is listed.

Is there a way for the Podcast to join the other episode titles in chronological order? There will be another new one from this morning to join the list.

(I have not heard back from Express Apple, have tried iTunes Support, Blog Talk Support, etc.)


Thanks for any insights or tips....

iTunes Podcast, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), Challenge with uploaded Podcast