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I've been researching how unwanted spyware can impact personal iphone usage. I understand - First iphone must've had a JailBreak happen then a spyware app downloaded, installed and activated for iphone to be compromised but no one has described how to determine IF your iphone HAS suffered an unwanted JailBreak attack or worse. (1) How can you determine if an unwanted JailBreak has actually happened to your iphone? Also, icons for the spyware can be hidden and the best advice I obtained to remove unwanted hidden apps completely was by doing a thorough cleaning using the reset to "Factory Settings" option. No doubts would exist after that cleansing. So going back to factory settings made sense to me until now. Formerly, I had no iCloud account with my previous iphone and now I do. My new upgraded iPhone, MacBook Pro and now my new Mini iPad are now linked together in my new iCloud account. If I were to do a reset to factory settings option then my best "guess" is that the unwanted hidden apps would be removed from my iCloud account too... WHEN... I did a clean backup with my reset cleaned device(s). (2) Is that reset cleaned device(s) backup scenario true? (3) What happens to my iCloud account when the "factory settings option" is activated and how are the linked devices unitedly impacted?