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When under the Reports tab and tabulating the total number of downloads and streams for our videos, I noticed that the numbers shown for the entire collection do not match the sums of the individual videos in that collection whne I click through. This makes it difficult to report out on performance to our content providers. Any help would be appreciated.



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    I've had the similar problem since Feb. 10. The total numbers of usage (downloads, streams, subscriptions, enclosures) of individual collections/courses of each week exceed the weekly sum. Furhtermore, the Browse category has zero in each individual collection/course even though the weekly sum has tens and thousands, which has been the case until Feb. 10.

    So it appears the problem exisits in the individual collection/course usage data.

    The individual collection/course usage data is what I use to report to the insitution's content developers each week.

    Hope this can be fixed soon.