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My hard drive is only a week old and was working fine until i plugged it in today. The hard drive light still lights up when plugged in and it works when i plug it into a tv and my roommates pc.


However on my macbook the hard drive won't show up in finder or the desktop... it shows in disk utility but options to verify disk etc are 'greyed out' so i can't click on them. THere isn't anything wrong with the hard drive because as stated above it worked on other devices.


Other usb and external hard drives are being recognosed fine and show up in finder. 


Can anyone please help?

MacBook Pro
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    Same problem here.  Sometimes drives disappear completely from the Finder sidebar.  Sometimes they just gray out.  Quick 'n' easy fix:  In Terminal, type:


    chflags nohidden /Volumes/MY_PARTITION


    (where MY_PARTITION is the name of the drive you can't find). 


    For the UNIX impaired, if there's a space in your drive name, you can use "\ " to represent the space (no quotes, just the backslash and the space).  So for example, Macintosh HD would be typed:


    Macintosh\ HD