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After having performed a backup via itunes on my iphone, before daring to download latest IOS , I discovered that

the backup does not contain the pictures i have stored on the phone ??

Is it just adressbooks, contacts ?


I  then connected the iphone to my pc, used windows explorer to drag and drop all pictures from the iphone, to my harddrive.

It looked fine, (about 1000 pictures /vids saved)
but when I entered "camera-roll" on iphone, It said that my phone has976pictures,360 videos.
That means -about 300 not saved?
How can i easily get my pictures/vids from iphone, and why does always itunes try to put all my pictures from my pc
into this "stuffed" iphone.
The phone is FULL  !!
I Dont want anything downloaded to it !!!!        :-)
Just want all of the pics/vids safely stored on HDD-please help

iPhone 4, iOS 4