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Greetings All, I am teaching myself write iOS apps and Objective-C and have several references.  Developer.apple.com's Learning Object-C: A Primer references The Objective-C Programming Language, but there is no link or ISBN or author and interent search is useless.  I found a link mentioned in a Nov 2012 discussion, but the link is now bad.


Can anyone help?


Thanks in advance,


Solved by g_wolfman on Feb 4, 2013 3:20 PM Solved

It's in Xcode's documentation view, under "OS X 10.7 Core Library > Languages & Utilities > Objective-C > The Objective-C Programming Language"


Actually, it seems to be in every core library for OS X and iOS, except for the OS X 10.8 doc set and the iOS 6.1 doc set...not sure if that means it's deprecated, or if it's just an oversight.